Labor Law

Labor law services offered by our law firm include the preparation of employment contracts, services in connection with the termination of employment, organizational changes, transfer of employees, labor-law entitlements, employee benefits, employee liability for damage as well as relationships with employee representatives.

Corporate Law

We offer comprehensive advice on various aspects of corporate law. These services include advice on business or branch office establishment for foreigners in Slovakia, selection of a suitable company type, preparation of documents for company establishment, appointment and registration of statutory bodies in the commercial register, registered capital increases and decreases, identification and registration of the beneficial owner of the company in the commercial register, setting up relations between the company and company bodies and preparation of management contracts. We can assist with various services related to the termination of business activities and the subsequent liquidation of the company.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligence

We have extensive experience with diverse transactions in the field of business share acquisition, purchase or sale of a business or part of a business, mergers and demergers of companies and other types of acquisitions of Slovak companies or their assets by foreign investors.

The outstanding professional competence of our lawyers makes it possible for them to carry out the transaction completely, starting with due diligence and subsequent comprehensive preparation of all transaction documents, including representation of the client in the negotiation process and taking all necessary steps to close the transaction.

Real Estate Law

Our services focus mainly on foreign companies that own, plan to expand or start their business in Slovakia. We have extensive legal experience in real estate transactions, specifically in purchases of land, production halls, shopping centers or apartments and non-residential premises, as well as with brown-field and green-field projects.

We support our clients during all phases of a real estate transaction. We provide them with complex consultancy on land acquisition, construction and establishment of easements. Furthermore, we provide consultancy in connection to leasing of land, buildings, flats and non-residential premises. Real estate legal consultancy also includes: examination of all property and ownership rights, preparation of purchase and pledge contracts, and establishment of easements along with the registration of all real estate rights in the real estate cadastre of Slovakia. In addition to that, we are well experienced in contracts for construction preparation.

Court and Arbitration Proceedings

An important part of our legal counseling services is representing our clients in various types of disputes protecting their civil and commercial rights, both before courts and state administration authorities. We have extensive experience with administrative court proceedings and with reviewing the decisions of tax authorities. In cooperation with tax advisors, we can effectively assist in disputes against tax authorities. When requested, we assist our clients with debt collection and representation in business or labor law disputes.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

We provide our clients with legal advice on bankruptcy and restructuring matters. We represent our clients in all thereto related legal proceedings, such as claims filing, litigation for denial of a claim or creditors’ meetings etc.

Legal Contracts

We have extensive experience in contract preparation and consulting. We cover all types of business contracts our clients might need for business purposes. These include business, civil, employment or financial contracts, as well as other atypical contracts upon request.

Commercial Law

Our commercial law services include legal advice from the very moment the investor enters the Slovak market until the termination of all its activities. Often requested services include consultations on local operations or on acquisition of branches, land acquisition and production plant building. In addition to that, we can help with public procurement related services.

Civil Law

We cover a wide range of civil law and litigation services. We represent clients in inheritance proceedings, enforcement proceedings and in the protection of property rights. We are able to cover all types of contracts such as: contract of sale, donation contract, exchange contract, contract for work and others. Naturally, we can arrange settlement or cancellation of co-ownership, or the settlement and cancellation of the joint ownership.